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    I would like to welcome you to my re-election website. I appreciate your past support in electing me as your State Representative and strive every day to earn your continued support. My campaign website will provide you with information to help you understand my position on important issues and it is also an opportunity for me to hear your concerns. The following pages will help you learn more about me and 160th District Campaign, and voice your own opinions.

    Serving the 160th district is very important to me; my dedication has been reflected in my nearly perfect attendance record in the past 16 years. Having spent much of my time in the district attending meetings, events and gatherings has made me very fortunate to meet so many wonderful people that live in our district. I will continue to work at the state level to help you reach your personal goals by supporting legislation that improves the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.

    In my 24 years in state and local government never could I have imagined that we would be seeing an economic time like we are experiencing now. This challenging time calls for strong, bold leadership in government to address the economic struggles and increasing unemployment. Government, for years, has been piling on taxes and regulations upon the business community, making it almost impossible for business to prosper here. We can not afford to push any businesses, that provide life sustaining employment opportunities out of Pennsylvania.

    In an ongoing blame game, we need solutions. Commonsense approaches like lowering the tax burden on the job creators, and putting our citizens back to work. Many companies large and small have made huge investments in Pennsylvania; government should step back and understand the regulations that are placed on them affect their prosperity.

    We can work together at continually improving the economic prosperity and quality of life for all Pennsylvanians. I pledge to be a full time legislator, and will continue to draw on my past experience as a business owner, Township Commissioner and State Legislator to effectively represent your needs and issues in the General Assembly. I look forward to representing you in oncoming years and thank you for all the support in the past, present and future.
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